2013 ADCC Women's -66 and +66 (On Demand)

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Women's -60kg and Women's +60kg

Ana Michelle Tavares vs Luanna Alzuguir
Ana Michelle Tavares vs Nyjah Easton
Luanna Alzuguir vs Laura Hondorp
Michelle Nicolini vs Luanna Alzuguir
Michelle Nicolini vs Seiko Yamamoto
Michelle Nicolini vs Yan Liu
Seiko Yamamoto vs Kristina Barlaan

Fernanda Mazelli vs Tara White
Gabrielle Garcia vs Maria Malyjasiak
Gabrielle Garcia vs Tammy Griego
Gabrielle Garcia vs Yurika Nakakura
Maria Malyjasiak vs Fernanda Mazelli
Tammy Griego vs Fernanda Mazelli
Tammy Griego vs Ida Hansson

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