Carpe Diem Jiu-Jitsu Book & DVD with Yuki Ishikawa

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Limited edition book & DVD by Carpe Diem Jiu-Jitsu founder Yuki Ishikawa.


01 From Inside Closed Guard
02 From Inside Spider Guard or Lasso Guard
03 From Inside Half Guard with One Underhook In
04 From Inside Reverse De La Riva
05 From Inside De La Riva
06 Against Berimbolo
07 From Inside One-Leg X-Guard
08 From Inside X-Guard
09 From Inside Deep Half Guard
10 From Inside 50/50 Guard
11 Against a Butterfly Sweep
12 Defending Against Cross Grips and Arm Drags
13 Scramble Sweep Counter
14 Defense After Back Taken
15 Defeating Armbar Clutch Defense
16 Interrupting and Escaping Triangle Chokes
17 Getting Grips in Sitting Guard
18 Against a Toreando Pass
19 Against a Anee Slice Pass
20 Against Over/Under Guard Passing
21 Against a Double-Under Pass
22 Against a Body Lock (Crossface+Underhook) in Half Guard

Language: Japanese

Length: 118 pages