Buka Jalan Pencak Silat by Bob Dubljanin (On Demand)

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In this 2nd volume of Pentjak Silat, Guro Bob Dubljanin, instructor of Martial Arts from Southeast Asia and Jeet Kune Do under the guidance of Guro/Sifu Cass Magda, continues with the established progression to show us the diverse ways of linking and submissions from the Buka Jalan method, a style whose literal meaning is "open the way" and is characterized by constant pressure and the success of confrontation. Starting with these principles, Dubljanin shows us the progressions from "Biset Dalem" (interior sweep), "Biset Luar" (exterior sweep), and "Puter Kepala" (throw with head turn). An excellent method specialized in civil applications of self-defense, which will allow us to confront combat effectively.

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