Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ultimate Competition Techniques 1 with Fabricio Werdum (On Demand)

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Pride FC, Jungle Fight, and ADCC veteran Fabricio Werdum shares his style of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with you on this video. Fabricio is also the BJJ coach to Pride fighter - Mirko Cro Cop. With a good physical structured, educated and pleasant personality, serious in his work expectations, Fabricio has a great future ahead of him. He doesn´t turn up his nose at anything and is thinking of preparing for the Vale Tudo. With his size and his amazing self-confidence, we bet he will also have a lot to say in this field. But it is in Jiu Jitsu where he has demonstrated he is made to compete and this is what we have asked him to show us and share with all of you in a magnificent video in which he slowly explains the tricks, the details and the techniques that are marking the difference in the world competitions. If you like Jiu Jitsu and fighting on the floor, don´t miss it! because in this subject - the one who misses the train is the one that doesn´t move!


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