Aggressive Closed Guard Vol 2 DVD with Abraham Marte

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Choose the path with least resistance!

Following up his hugely successful instructional, Abraham Marte is back to continue his mission to dispel the myth that the closed guard is a "stalling position".

In Aggressive Closed Guard - Volume 2, Marte focuses his efforts on countering his opponent’s pressure by redirecting them to various off angles. You will definitely find things that can be incorporated into your game immediately.

  1. Introduction
  2. Guard Concepts: Weight & Distance
  3. Guard Concepts: Tie-Down & Shoulder Drag
  4. Focus Point: Cruise Control to Slip #1
  5. Focus Point: Slip #2
  6. Cruise Control: Elbow Lock
  7. Cruise Control: Slip Triangle
  8. Cruise Control: Top Arm Lock
  9. Cruise Control: Shoulder Roll Vs Stack
  10. Cruise Control: Slip Triangle #2
  11. Cruise Control: Far Shoulder/Arm Lock
  12. Tie-Down Position: Modified Flower Sweep
  13. Lapel Tie-Down: Cross Choke
  14. Lapel Tie-Down: Push Sweep
  15. Lapel Tie-Down: Cross Choke #2
  16. Lapel Tie-Down: Darce Arm Triangle
  17. Lapel Tie-Down: Control Concepts
  18. Lapel Tie-Down: Control Concepts #2
  19. Lapel Tie-Down: Vs Roberto Tozi Pass
  20. Slip #2: Back Take Vs. Stack
  21. Slip #2: Elbow Tuck Sweep