Favela Jiu Jitsu Vol 6 - Back Attacks by Fernando Terere (On Demand)

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Multiple time world medalist, Fernando Terere, is back again with this 3 Volume set all on submissions!

In this volume, Terere shows some of his best submissions from the back including armlocks and chokes plus a few set ups and drills for taking the back all with clear instruction and multiple camera angles so you get the best view of each submission. Now is your chance to learn from the legend who helped raise champions such as Andre Galvao, Rubens Charles, Michael Langhi and Lucas Lepri!

Vol 6 Submissions from the back

  1. Intro
  2. Taking the Back from Turtle 1
  3. Taking the Back from Turtle 2
  4. Key Details of Back Control
  5. One Hook Escape Drill
  6. One Hook Escape Collar Choke
  7. Fall to Wrong Side & Armlock
  8. Fall to Wrong Side & Ezekiel
  9. Fall to Wrong Side & Bow & Arrow Choke
  10. Terere Choke from Turtle
  11. Bow & Arrow Choke from Turtle
  12. Triangle & Choke from Turtle
  13. Bonus: Rolled Up with Terere

Run Time: 25 min

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Favela Jiu Jitsu - Back Attacks

As someone who has just started doing BJJ and not knowing what to do in some positions or how to get there. I purchase this back attack by Fernando Terere through Budovideos On Demand and have not look back since. Very well presented,explained and easy to follow instructions. Now i can not wait for training to put my newly found skills to test, even against the higher belts. I now own the submissions, Guard Passing, Sweeps and Takedowns collections.