Unstoppable Spider Guard DVD with Tiago Alves

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Unstoppable Spider Guard Concepts goes into ALL aspects of Spider Guard. In Part 1, Tiago provides a complete game plan for utilizing the Spider Guard offensively. Whether you find yourself getting smashed with pressure passes, or out-flanked by leg drags the Spider Guard offers a diverse range of attacks. Learn how to use Spider Guard to keep your opponent off balance, and in constant danger of sweeps and submissions.

Spider Guard is such a diverse guard that it can be combined with other effective positions like X-Guard and Lasso Guard. Tiago teaches you how to blend between these other effective guards to create a hard-to-stop attack sequence that forces your opponent to make a difficult decision…..get swept or get submitted!

Spider Guard is useful against ALL types of passers. Mobility based passers get slowed down, and pressure passers can’t pressure! Using the Spider Guard can even the playing field if your opponent has a size or strength advantage. Thankfully, Tiago goes deep on entries into the Spider Guard!

In the second part of Unstoppable Spider Guard Concepts, Tiago turns the tables and demonstrates how to dismantle the Spider Guard. Learn preemptive strategies to quickly untangle the web and decisively pass your opponent’s Spider Guard. Tiago even shares some “Unstoppable” techniques that are exclusively on Unstoppable Spider Guard Concepts!

Part 1:

  • Weaving The Web - Introduction
  • Knee Sweep 
  • Triangle
  • Armbar 
  • Inverted Knee Sweep 
  • Sweep to Footlock 
  • Pants Grips - Feet in Hips
  • Backtake 
  • Backtake 2 

Part 2:

  • Escaping the Spider (Passing) 
  • Pass 1 - Knee on Hell 
  • Pass 2 - Mid Sweep Defense 
  • Pass 3 - Spider-X 
  • Pass 4 - Spider-Lasso 
  • Pass 5 - Spider-Lasso 2
  • Outro 

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