Judo Newaza of Koji Komuro Komlock (E-Book)

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Koji Komuro started Judo at the age of 5. He learned Kosen Judo from Kanae Hirata and achieved medals at both national international championships. He is a master of two techniques: komlock (which is also his nickname) and sode guruma jime.

As a Judo instructor, he first taught at Adachi Gakuen High School and then became a full-time instructor at the Kodokan Judo Institute. In April 2009 he bcame a full-time teacher at the Tokyo Daigaku High School and has been the head coach of the school's Judo club.

He has produced 2 instructional DVDs: "The Komlock" and "JudoKatame Waza: Grappling Training Methods".
In this instructional book, Komuro details a highly effective Judo ground game!

1) Basic newaza exercises
2) Newaza uchikomi drills
3) Osaekomi uchikomi around the world
4) Attacks from the hikikomi position
5) Attacks against kame (turtle defense)
6) Kasuga lock
7) Sode guruma jime
8) Komlock
9) Transition from tachiwaza into newaza

Language: English
File Size: 75 MB
Format: PDF

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Excelente Book

Every Judoka should buy and read this book. It is simply excelent.