Morote-dori & Ushiro-ryote-dori Basic Practice Methods DVD with Seishiro Endo

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Seishiro Endo Shihan's Aikido DVD Seminar series vol.5
Saku International Aikido Seminar of May 2009
Aikido Saku Dojo Summer Seminar of August 2009
Endo shihan explains the finer points of forms practice.

Chapter titles:
01 Move when held with two hands and raised upward
02 Morote-dori - Confirm the basic body
03 Morote-dori - Moving as if the arm were a rope
04 Morote-dori Kokyuho (Moving as if the arm were a rope)
05 Morote-dori Kokyuho (Irimi movement)
06 Morote-dori Ikkyo
07 Ushiro-ryote-dori Movement
08 Ushiro-tyote-dori Kokyuho
09 Ushiro-ryote-dori Nikyo
10 Ushiro-ryote-dori Sankyo, Yonkyo, Kotegaeshi
11 Ushiro Ryohiji, Ryokata-dori Movement