Jeet Kune Do Final Stage DVD by Togo Ishii

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The techniques that Togo Ishii teaches is the latest style in Bruce Lee's direct line. It is called "Jeet Kune Do Final Stage". Numerous professional fighters in Japan have showed interest in this style. So what is it? 

This style was developed after researching various martial arts  with great influence from kendo and boxing as well. It is a tangible system with its own structure and techniques.

Key points include more agile footwork and how to take advantage of distance, time, angles, and space to gain an advantage.

Followers to Jeet Kune do will surely learn much from this instructional but also students have any other martial arts will be able to apply these concepts and techniques to their own arts.


  • On guard position
  • Footwork (Step and slide, push off, shuffle step, side step, carving step, burst step, mirror drill)
  • Interception (Stop hit/stop kick, stop thrust, time hit, time thrust)
  • Counter method (Faijin technique, plucking, contact method against direct impact, linking techniques)
  • Bonus footage: Yusuke Yachi pro fighter / Togo Ishii interview

About the instructor:

Togo Ishii learned from Jeet Kune Do's orthodox successors, Ted Wong & Hiro Watanabe. By interacting with martial artists Katsunori Kikuno and Yusuke Yachi, he has been attracting attention from all sides beyond the martial arts world and is gaining popularity due to his outstanding technique and outgoing personality.

Language: Japanese

84 min.

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