Hwarangdo: Defend Takedown Submit Book by Taejoon Lee

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A variety of easy-to-understand self-defense techniques with different set-ups and attack scenarios. Through detailed photos and instructions, this unique blend of striking, joint-manipulation, throwing, and grappling will help provide techniques to defend against any attack, from any angle.

About the author:

Taejoon Lee serves as the vice president of the World Hwa Rang Do Association and holds the position of seventh-degree black sash chief master of the West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy in Los Angeles. He is the 59th-generation heir to the art of hwa rang do and the traditions of the Hwarang warriors. Mark Cheng is a Chinese medicine physician and martial arts researcher. Cheng serves as a contributing editor to Black Belt magazine and writes a monthly column that examines a wide range of traditional martial arts. He lives in Los Angeles.

Language: English

Length: 227 pages