How to Shotokan Kata DVD 2: Basis, Kanku-dai, Empi, Unsu with Masao Kagawa

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This is world's best Shotokan Kata!!
World long-awaited manual for teaching comes out at last!
Point commentary by JKF National Team Coach Masao Kagawa.
And Practice by Male Team kata member of Teikyo University which intoxicated the world in 2012.

  • Kihon
    ・Basis of stance
    ・Kihon -Application-
    ・Ido Kihon (Kihon with stepping)
    ・Ido Kihon -Application-
  • KANKU-DAI (Koji Arimoto)
    ・EMBU (21st WKF Championships in Paris)
    ・Points (by Sensei Masao Kagawa)
    ・Front ・Side ・Back
  • EMPI (Takato Soma)
    ・EMBU (21st WKF Championships in Paris)
    ・Points (by Sensei Masao Kagawa)
    ・Front ・Side ・Back
  • UNSU (Takumi Sugino)
    ・EMBU (21st WKF Championships in Paris)
    ・Points (by Sensei Masao Kagawa)
    ・Front ・Side ・Back

Language: Japanese & English

Run Time: 96 min.