Dog Brothers Martial Arts Stick Grappling Guard & Anti-Guard 2 DVD Set Marc Denny

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3 Hours & 50 Minutes of Top Notch training from Punong Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny!

"If You See It Taught, You See It Fought." Nobody field tests like PG Crafty (the man who brought BJJ to Dog Brothers fighting) and the Dog Brothers.

Stick Grappling has three simultaneous fights:

*The stick striking

*The MMA/"Kali Tudo" (tm)

*The stick grappling

What may be sound in one of these fights can be a big error in one or both of the others-- the key is mental fluidity and keeping track of all three fights simultaneously.

This 2 DVD/Download set is packed with field tested material:

*Getting to clinch and what to do when there; and taking it to the ground or getting taken to the ground. All previous material in this regard is given an integrated overview. With that in hand, we get to the meat of this offering: the "Rico Guard"and Anti-Guard