Basics of Tactics Karate Champion Kumite Seminar 4 DVD with Ryutaro Araga

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Move the opponent by the techniques of Ashibarai and Maeken (front fist) trick.
Fundamentals of tactics to make the match a dominant situation!!


  • Warm-up
  • Touch each other's feet while maintaining your Kamae
  • Receiving Tsuki while moving
  • Ashibarai, which makes your opponent aware of their feet → Kizamizuki
  • Ashibarai → Kizamizuki → Chudan Keri → Extra consecutive techniques
  • Ashibarai to upset upper body → Kizamizuki, Chudan Keri, modified Jodan Keri
  • Ashibarai on Gyakutai (reverse stance) → Chudan Keri
  • Perform Kaeshi waza after first touching your opponent's Maeken (front fist)
  • Realistic maneuvering training
  • Seminar summary


    88 min.

    *Japanese and English