Advanced Iaido Mugen Kai System DVD by Sueyoshi Akeshi

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This DVD continues to deepen in the study of Batto Jutsu, and Sensei Akeshi shows the work of Katana, Jo, Yari and Shuriken that make up the Mugen-Kai system. In the Katana section we will see the Master performing Kata, their variants and applications in pairs (Kumi-Iai); basic work and Kata of Jo, an excellent weapon to educate and shape the body; the Shuriken, complementing the training that helps to understand the work of Shizumi (lower the body), and the great novelty of this DVD: the Yari, a weapon of extreme technical requirement, which requires mastery, power and smoothness. The Master is back and he is better than ever!
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French