50/50 Of The Arms: Kimura Funnels 3 DVD Set by Vagner Rocha

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Start slaughtering the competition with this little known "Kimura funnel system" developed to confuse and defeat world champion jiu-jitsu fighters at their own game.

Vagner Rocha's 50/50 of the arms system gives you powerful weapons that allow you to control tough opponents and catch more submissions.

When you can control your opponent no matter how big or strong they are, it leaves them stunned and confused.

Vagner Rocha's 50/50 of the Arms Kimura Funnel System opens up a menu of options against bigger more skilled opponents that you cannot find anywhere else.  

No one is used to defending this, so even experienced black belts make "rookie" mistakes... This is a sure fire way to get a stronger position and or a submission and leave people scratching their heads... and the only limit is your imagination once you have access to this powerful system of techniques!