Estima Lock by Victor Estima (On Demand)

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Finally revealed! One of the secrets of the Estima brothers, the Estima lock is a dangerous foot lock developed by Victor Estima and used at the highest levels of competition by both Victor and his brother, world champion - Braulio Estima. This foot lock comes on super fast and super strong. Some call this the strongest foot lock there is. On this instructional Victor carefully teaches all the details on how to set up and finish from various positions.

  1. Intro

  2. Basic Estima Lock

  3. From leg lasso

  4. From leg lasso during guard pass

  5. From leg lasso during guard pass stepping over

  6. From open guard

  7. Inverted Estima lock

  8. From berimbolo

  9. From kiss of the dragon

  10. From single leg X-Guard

  11. Using the Estima lock to improve position

  12. Bonus Chapter - torreando guard pass counter

  13. Bonus chapter - Estima lock highlight reel


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