Favela Jiu Jitsu Vol 9 - Takedowns by Fernando Terere (On Demand)

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Fernando Terere - legendary competitor and instructor - was known for his fearlessness in competitions. He stood toe-to-toe against such amazing athletes Roger Gracie, Fabricio Werdum, and Marcelo Garcia - just to name a few.

In this video (the last in a 9 part series), Terere shares 10 of his favorite takedowns. He learned these from Judo but has carefully adapted them for BJJ competition.

Available in 3 Languages: English, Português, 日本語

Content Includes:

1. Intro
2. Safada
3. Koaza
4. Arm drag to Terere takedown
5. Single leg takedown
6. Finishing single leg when he sprawls
7. Balloon
8. Double ankle trip
9. Single leg defense to balloon
10.  Seoi Nage
11. Ankle sweep to seoi nage

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Very good!

Terere is Terere. Everything he does is top quality! His instructionals really help me!