Favela Jiu Jitsu Vol 8 - Closed Guard and Spider Guard Sweeps by Fernando Terere (On Demand)

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Fernando Terere - one of the most talented instructors and competitors the BJJ world has ever seen - is back.
This time he shares with you all of his best sweeps.

These are the same competition-tested sweeps that he taught to his students Andre Galvao, Cobrinha, and Michael Langhi.

On this instructional, we dive deep with 13 chapters devoted strictly to ways to put your opponent on his back from closed guard and spider guard.

Available in 3 Languages: English, Português, 日本語

Content Includes:

1: Intro
2: Closed Guard to Mount
3: Closed Guard to Omoplata Sweep
4: Spider Lasso Drill
5: Spider Lasso Hook Sweep
6: Spider Lasso to DLR Balloon Sweep
7: Spider Lasso to DLR to Sit Up Guard
8: Sit Up Guard Sweep
9: Sit Up Guard RDLR Sweep
10: Sit Up Guard to Single Leg
11: Sit Up Guard to Shin to Shin Sweep
12: Sit Up Guard to Helicopter Sweep
13: DLR Helicopter Sweep

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