Wrist Locks From Everywhere 2 DVD Set with Travis Stevens

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Wristlocks. They are everywhere and if you ignore them your opponent will submit you – if you are scared of them – it will open up all other opportunities for him. 

If you get someone into a Triangle and he is stopping you from finishing it… well good news: now it’s over. It is simple to finish a guy from the Triangle position with a wristlock. It’s also easy to finish him if he tries to stop a Kimura.

Even if he doesn’t tap, it is going to change how he does things. Once you try a wristlock… even if you get it close the opponent is going to be really spooked and start fighting a lot more conservatively.

When Is The Last Time You Went Over Wristlocks or Wristlock Defense In Class?

The guys you are rolling with in class don’t know them and they don’t know how to stop setups or get out of wristlocks once they go on. You may be fighting opponents with higher belts but when it comes to wristlocks you are fighting WHITE BELTS!!

U.S. Olympian Travis Stevens shows you all the secrets you need for the easiest submission in BJJ on his DVD, “Wrist Locks From Everywhere”

Imagine how this system could open up your game! So what will you learn?

DVD 1:
Wristlock On Cat's Paw Grip
Opp Lapel Wrist Lock
Americana Wrist Lock
Isolation Wrist Lock
2 on 1 Wristlock - Police Crowd Control Wrist Lock
Chin Assist Wrist Lock
Paintbrush From Side Control
Gift Wrap Mount
S Mount Wrist Lock
Seagull Lock

DVD 2:
Straight Wrist Lock From Lasso Guard
Wrist Lock From Triangle
Wrist Lock Series From Spiderweb
The Motorcycle
Omoplata Wrist Lock
Kimura Series
Straight Arm Lock Wrist Lock

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It’s good but I got more of out of Budo Jakes wrist lock set

Wristlocks from Everywhere

Another excellent DVD from Travis. Such an underused submission!