Kyusho Sanchin Kata Vol 2 DVD by Evan Pantazi

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The work with this film is a primer in the difference between Kyusho and Dim Mak, as they are not based on the same targets. It is a continuation of the 6-Ji Hands and Iron Shirt study and films available through Budo International. The 6 Ji Hands that are prevalent throughout an art called Pangai-Noon or Uechi Ryu. It is one of the very few styles that contain and focus on these specific hand positions to get to the Deeper Tissue of the body. This film shows the use of hands not as bludgeons, but rather daggers with the transitional torqueing type power utilized in the 6 Ji Hands* to properly use Kyusho… this is a missing facet in most Kyusho practitioners skill sets. 8 KO's (including compression and blood KO's). In this DVD set, works the seemingly simple Sanchin Kata through 8 stages of fighting skill (a complete Martial System in one Kata with Iron Shirt methods as well). 
This DVD Vol.2 Contents: Leg Targets, Takedowns, Kyusho Grappling, Tuite, Kyusho Knife Defense 

- Languages: English, Español, Italiano, Français