Rodolfo Vieira Jiu-Jitsu Domination 3 DVD Set

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Rodolfo Vieira is one of the top competitors in the world and now he's released his first DVD instructional! As a black belt under Master Julio Cesar, he has won multiple World Championships and has become one of the most feared competitors in BJJ. This 3 DVD set will show you all the secrets Rodolfo uses to smash, pass and finish his opponents.

Details include:

Disc 1

  • Opening the closed guard
  • Knee cut half guard pass
  • Knee cut pass
  • Double under hook pass to mount
  • Back step pass
  • Shoulder pressure on the head guard pass
  • Lapel half guard pass
  • Underhook pass on lapel half guard
  • 7 point pass on lapel half guard

Disc 2

  • Flattening butterfly guard pass
  • Cart wheel butterfly guard pass
  • Hip switch pass on butterfly guard
  • Leg drag pass from butterfly
  • Weave pass
  • Baseball choke
  • Bread cutter choke
  • Choke from knee on belly
  • Mount choke 

Disc 3

  • 50/50 to leg drag
  • Cross choke
  • Cross choke to straight arm lock
  • Guard pass
  • Spider guard to arm lock
  • Lapel lasso pass
  • Take down
  • Single leg take down
  • Back take from turtle
  • De La Riva arm bar