Aikido Yamato Aikikai by Kazuo Nomura (E-book)

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Today I have the honor to write the preface for one of those Masters who it is a pleasure to introduce. He leads the Aikikai in Osaka, one of the most important centers of Art in Japan. Kind, quiet, he occasionally let slip a shy giggle. He likes to listen to the silences in which we are not disturbed, he "breathes" it and he perceives without judgments: he is a Master of Martial Arts and he is the chief instructor of the Osaka Aikikai. Master Nomura has made several instructional DVDs with Budo International, material that is certainly complementary to the study proposed in this book, so we strongly recommend to purchase it through our official distributors or on the website We have planned this book as a manual to learn Aikido, but also as a source of inspiration for advanced students, because in this art as in many others, the differences are in the detail. For students of Aikido in the West, this book is an opportunity to perceive first-hand what is happening in Japan today, in what Ueshiba’s art is concerned. It is a pleasure and an honor for us to have in the gallery of our titles this great Aikidoka. 

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Language: English

130 pages