Worry Free Escapes 4 DVD Set with Dean Lister

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Revealed: The Never Before Seen Techniques A Battle Worn 41 Year Old Grappler Uses To Fend Off The Best Fighters On The Planet – He Even Dares Them To Try Submissions On Him!

Dean Lister's Worry Free Escapes Will Skyrocket Your Confidence On The Mat Because After Seeing This You’ll Know How To Escape ANY Submission! 

Dean’s philosophy is a different one as far as Jiu Jitsu is concerned. 

He drills his best escapes so much that he becomes confident enough to dare people to attack him.  

Imagine how different you would feel on the mat if you were hoping people would try a Guillotine, an armlock or a leglock on you so you could reverse it and tap them?  

How would you feel if you were under side control just knowing you were about to take their back?

That is how Dean feels and he wants to show you how he does it.

So What is on Dean’s Worry Free Escapes?

- Escaping a legal ibjjf footlock

- Outside footlock escape

- Outside footlock escape 2

- Leg lock escapes from 50/50

- Inside thigh outside thigh compression escape

- Knee bar escape

- Knee bar escape after opponent falls

- Knee bar escape when leg is straight

- Knee bar escape when leg is straight 2

- Conventional footlock escape with leg on inner thigh

- Double step/imanari footlock escape

- Guillotine defense

- Arm bar defense

- Side control escapes

- Kimura defense

-And more!