The Pillars: Side Control Mastery 7 DVD Set by Stephen Whittier

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Serious about being able to CONTROL and SUBMIT more athletic opponents – without having to rely on physical attributes? This Is For You!

Here's Just A Taste Of What "The Pillars: Side Control Mastery" Will Do For Your Game:
  • Shave weeks, months, even years off your learning curve
  •  Develop or refine skills now that you can still perform and improve into your 60s and beyond!
  •  Apply all those submissions you learned in your first month of Jiu-Jitsu, even against skilled opponents who know how to defend them
  • Build a high-level skill set without having to rely on fast scrambles, or strength, or overuse of grips
  •  Help you to understand exactly where and when you lose control so you can fix problem areas instantly
  •  Learn how to setup and get the tap with only minimal adjustments from your pinning position
  •  Develop a fundamentals-based skillset that will work with or without a gi
  •  Feel like a true "Lead Blanket" (prepare to have training partners ask you if you've gained a bunch of weight!)
  •   And a WHOLE LOT more!