The Falcon Guard DVD by Joel Bouhey

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This simple tweak turns a regular closed guard into a closed guard on steroids.

Luis Heredia Black Belt Joel Bouhey’s Falcon Guard Opens Up A Ton Of Easy Sweeps & Submissions They Will Never See Coming.

The Closed Guard has become a stalling position. Guys get there, and the fight stops.. It becomes ugly.. boring. Joel Bouhey, a very well respected black belt from Hawaii has come up with a very nice tweak for this position. By overhooking one arm and connecting it to his other arm, he develops superior leverage that is very hard to manage. Once he gets this grip he has a huge advantage as you will see.

Joel originally developed this position for MMA – he completely envelops the person he is going against from his own back. The guy on top is helpless to defend.

So What Is On The Falcon Guard DVD?
1. The grips 
2. The butterfly sweep 
3. The scissor sweep 
4. The triangle choke 
6. The reverse triangle choke 
7. The falcon to omoplata 
8. The Hawaiian neck tie 
9. The falcon to arm bar 
10. The over head sweep 
11. The wrist lVock 
12. Standing throws 
13. Bottom side control options 
14. Falcon to the darce