The Art of Aikido 9 DVD Set with Kensho Furuya

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Volume 1: Remembering the Founder of Aikido and Doshu• General Introduction to Aikido Techniques • The Principles of Entering and Turning • Keiko-Gi–The Practice Uniform • The Meaning of Practice.

Volume 2: Basic Techniques • Throwing and Joint Techniques • The 5 Controls: Ikkyo, Nikyo, Sankyo, Yonkyo and Gokyo.

Volume 3: Aikido is Commitment and Perserverance • Ukemi–Breakfall Training • More Basic Techniques and Freestyle Applications • The Principle of Tenshin • Ki–Vital Energy • Internal Breathing Exercises • Training is a 
Lifetime Study.

Volume 4: Katate Tori Ryote-Mochi–Against 2-Hand Grip • Ryote Tori–Against 2-Hand Hold • Practice Serenity • Rei-Gi Saho–Etiquette in the Dojo • Koshinage–The Hip Throw • Words of a Zen Master • Words of Tesshu the 

Volume 5: Beginning Your Practice •Going with the Flow • Suwari-Waza Kihon–Basic Techniques from Sitting Position• Gokyo-The 5th Control Against Knife Attacks • Hanmi Handachi–Sitting Techniques Against Standing Attacks • Kokyu Dosa–Sitting Ki Development Exercise • Katatori–Against Shoulder or Lapel Attacks • Su-Nin-Kake–Negotiating Multiple Attackers • Go-Nin-Kake-Randori–Freestyle Against 5-Man Attack.

Volume 6: Tsuki–Against Strikes and Punches • Yokomenuchi–Against Strikes and Punches from the Side.

Volume 7: Shomenuchi–Against Direct Thrusts • Ushiro-Waza–Basic Techniques Against Attacks from Behind: Ushiro Katatetori Kubishime–Choke from Behind, Ushiro Ryote-Tori–Both Hands from Behind, Ushiro Ryohiji-Tori–Both Elbows from Behind, Ushiro Ryokata-Tori–Both Shoulders from Behind.

Volume 8: Atemi Waza–Use of Striking in Execution of Techniques • Negotiating Kicks • Tanto-Tori–Strategy Against Knife Attacks • Aiki-Ken–Sword Training Fundamentals.

Volume 9: Jo-Introduction to Long Staff Fundamentals • Black Belt Examination Requirements.