Takeda Shinobi Hiden: Unveiling Takeda Shingen’s Secret Ninja Legacy Book by Serge Mol

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In this unique volume, Serge Mol introduces the reader to the fascinating world of intelligence gathering and covert operations of Japan's great 16th Century warlord Takeda Shingen.


192 pages

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Da'aboth Te'He'Ling

Good reference books!

alternate viewing .....no hanzo crap!

this book is very well done and set totally different form the shinobi hiden ninpiden out already and in my opinion this version just seems to fit the historical shinobi lines better you mst get the book to understand this.
unless you were lucky enuff to e studying the takeda ninja already :) mind you its the same book just used differently. and rightly so.

i really want to thank obata sensei long ago or making search this path,
and don angier rip!

many have translated the supposed hanzo version but this version makes more sense in the way and how it was used. it also includes the elusive and yet untranslated kusarigama scroll mr mol does not either would love to see it but i feel it may be still in use today by a undisclosed ryuha so it is not transcribed would be my guess :)

this is a awesome and probably the best version of this book out as it does not seem like some one trying to describe a old so called ninja manual if you want to see how this awesome scroll was really used get this ahh if we could have more like this instead of supposed ninja manuals....

Tomer Akoka
Very valuable research

Great book for understanding sengoku era shinobi usage in general and Takeda Shingen's way in particular.

There's a lot of misinformation going around about this subject, and the best way for finding out true and false is to be guided through authentic early materials by an expert such as Serge Mol with his impressive research done in this book.

In this book you'll get the broad perspective of a war lord establishing a shinobi network, and a particular look of shinobi at his very versatile field work in both peace and war time.

Why did Shingen establish his own shinobi network insted of using Iga and Koka no mono? Why were horse doctors valuable agents? How would a shinobi deal with guards? and with counter espionage? how would he manage out in nature? what were his patrol strategies in his own battle camp? and why would he use a placenta???

You'll get the answers in the book along with many historical anecdotes which bring the text into life.