Side Control Destruction Gi & Nogi 2 DVD Set by Will Grundhauser

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How Does An Average-Sized Dude From Nowhere Montana Consistently Make His Opponents Feel Like They Are Being Pinned Beneath A Dead Whale From Side Control?


Best part: It doesn’t matter how big or small you are. It doesn’t matter how athletic or strong you are. You simply use these easy secrets and instantly start destroying guys from side control.


If Will’s got 12-year-olds in his gym holding down grown men, imagine what his Side Control Destruction can do for YOU!


Introducing Will “The Grinder” Grundhauser’s Side Control Destruction (Gi & No Gi).


About Will: Will “The Grinder” Grundhauser is from a small town in Billings, Montana. A first degree black belt competitor, he is the first US affiliate of 5 x World Champion Bernardo Faria.


It’s no coincidence that he gravitated towards Bernardo. They both have similar Jiu Jitsu styles but in different territories; Will’s the side control specialist. His game is simple like Bernardo’s: A lot of pressure, very little effort and to the point.


Will’s going to show you exactly what you need to do in order to feel like you are filled with 2 tons of cement when dominating side control. He has so much pressure and uses tiny little details that make him feel like he is ten times heavier than he is.


And after you establish that kind of control, submissions are just a formality.


After you start using these techniques…


The guy on bottom will want to get out of side control anyway he can—even if it’s tapping because of claustrophobia.

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Brandon Myers

It doesn’t get better than this. A true hidden gem!