Shaolin Qin Na DVD with Shi Yan Ti

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Chin Na techniques require a thorough study not only of the body joints, but also of Anatomy in general. Chin means "catch, capture" and Na means "control." Then we can say that Chin Na are those techniques of gripping, pressure and dislocation, by which we can control our opponent in a defense situation. The Shaolin Chin Na techniques are used to neutralize or interrupt an attack. Although its origins date back practically to the foundation of the Shaolin Temple itself, it is well known that already during the last Chinese dynasty, Chin Na techniques were most popular among the population in general, so in that time the techniques of capture and control lived their moment of boom and expansion. Chin-na practice should be done placing a greater emphasis on the development of the control and sensitivity needed to leave an attacker defenseless by any of the 5 principles of Chin Na:
Muscle or tendon tearing, Incorrect bone placement, Blocking or cutting off respiration, Blocking a vein or artery, Pulsing a channel of Qi.

Running Length: 26 min.
- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français