Rafael Freitas Favorite Moves: Side Mount & Mount Attacks DVD

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Rafael "Barata" Freitas is one of the most exciting and creative BJJ fighters of all time. He is famous for his submission - the "Baratoplata" but he also has a lot to teach on how to get the submission from the side mount and the mount.

Chapter listing:
1- Double Attack Arm Bar/Kimura trapping both arms putting in the pocket
2- Double Arm Bar Attack from Rickson grip
3- Cadeado Maluco finishing with an arm bar from Mount
4- Cadeado Maluco w one arm finishing w an arm bar trapped on armpit
5- Crucifix from Side Mount to Mount finishing w a straight arm bar or triangle
6- Darce choke with Ezequiel grip
7- Getting the back from side mount laying down w the kimura grip 

Languages: English and Japanese

Run time: 48 min.


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