Leglock Prevention DVD with Bjorn Friedrich

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In this video series, BJJ blackbelt Bjorn Friedrich will show you his new approach of leglock prevention.

He will explain how to deal with the typical positions from which most leglocks are applied. You will learn how to prevent transitions into leglocks from single let x-guard, x-guard, and reverse x-guard.

Bjorn will also show you how to pass these different guard positions to establish a dominant position on your own. This DVD will fundamentally change the way you deal with the modern leglock game.


  1. Single leg X-Guard control from top position
  2. Single leg X-Guard pass 1
  3. Single leg X-Guard pass 2
  4. Defend the bump sweep and the reaping from single Leg X-Guard + pass
  5. X-Guard pass 1
  6. X-Guard pass 2
  7. Heel hook from X-Guard (top)
  8. Prevention of the backside 50/50 heel hook from X-Guard
  9. Reverse X-guard pass
  10. Prevent the inside heel hook from reverse X-Guard
  11. Prevent the Imanari roll

Customer Reviews

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Great DVD

I learned a lot. Since everyone is attacking legs nowadays, this is important knowledge to know. Thank you Bjorn!