Krav Maga - Kapap Lotar Hagana by Avi Nardia (E-book)

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The great explosion of Martial Arts media in Israel has led plenty of opportunists to jump in the bandwagon, in the hope of profiting from the ignorance of the general public in this subject. Fortunately, nowadays we can find experienced and qualified authors like Avi Nardia to make the difference. Krav Maga, Lotar, Kapap Panim el Panim, Hagana, all these are names that, even if they are not synonyms, they show aspects of the same reality that has found its way among the professionals in this sector: Martial Arts in Israel. Most of the texts in this book belong to Avi Nardia, but it also includes some of his main partners and collaborators, high level experts like Albert Timen (the only man who has stopped bare hands a suicide terrorist loaded with bombs). Avi has known to be close and to collaborate with some of the best experts in Martial Arts nowadays, as John Machado or Lieutenant Colonel Chaim Peer, to cite just a few. You have in your hands the best introduction to Israel Martial Arts available at this moment. This book has an extensive practical section, but not least, theoretical chapters that will be tremendously inspiring for their insightful comments and suggestive concepts born of experience. Avi Nardia´s brilliant conclusions in this area are the result of actual experience in combat; we can say that every word in this book has been written with the blood shed by the mistakes of many of his peers, and by the courage and determination of many others who have been able to survive in the worst of all possible scenarios.


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Language: English

175 pages