Krav Maga Israeli Survival System. Hand to Hand Combat DVD with Marco Morabito

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In this DVD, Master Marco Morabito, with exclusive rights for Budo International, presents a preview of the Israeli Krav Maga Survival System. In this colossal work, the basic method and techniques of this discipline are illustrated in a clear and transparent manner. That is, no secrets, but in an extraordinary job that will take you to the very core of self-defense. The techniques are illustrated so that they are easily understood by all. A truly unique opportunity to approach self-defense or improve your knowledge on the subject. The author is one of today’s top self-defense exponents worldwide and has to his credit an extensive experience both in the military field and in security companies; awarded several times in various countries and acclaimed by his courses and seminars around the world, he has become an international spokesperson for different combat and self-defense systems, little known but highly effective. He has learned and studied all over the world, from Japan to the US, via Poland, Spain, Cape Verde, Germany, Israel, France and Russia, a continued research in remote areas of the world, such as Siberia or the desert of Texas, without stopping at any point in his tireless search for new knowledge without ever stop asking questions. The Israeli Krav Maga Survival System is not a discipline or a set of rigid rules, but a method, a process of continuous and constant evolution. This makes it adaptable to any situation and circumstance and permeable to any changes, and then be able to take stock of its mistakes and use the experience as an opportunity to improve.

 - Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français