Ki: A Practical Guide for Westerners Book by William Reed (Preowned)

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Written by lifelong Aikido students, William Reed wrote this ki manual based on the teachings of his teacher, Koichi Tohei.


Part 1: How to Develop Ki

1) Mind and Body Unity

2) Ki Development

3) Ki Meditation

4) Ki Breathing

Part 2: Ki Development in the Japanese Arts

5) Shodo

6) Aikido

7) Kiatsu

9) The Strategic Game of Go

10) The Noh Drama

Part 3: Thriving in the World of Change

11) Presence of Mind

12) Expanding Your Mental Horizons

13) Increasing Personal & Professional Effectiveness

About the Author

William Reed is an 8th degree black belt in Aikido, having mostly studied under Koichi Tohei, and also holds a 10th dan in Shodo (Brush Calligraphy).


225 pages

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