Karate Legends DVD 4 with Weinberg, Godshaw & Inoue

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Inoue Ha Shito Ryu Keishin Kai
This quiet and reverent sensei is one of the most important Shito Ryu instructors in the world today. His position
as Director of JKF “Inoue-ha Shito Ryu Keishi-kai” demands of him a constant travel schedule. With an exceptional level of skill second to none, Sensei Inoue displays all the major principles of the Shito Ryu-ha developed by the great Teruo Hayashi.

Robert S. Weinberg
9th Degree Black Belt - New York Rendokan. Inc.
Sensei Weinberg is a direct student of the legendary Okinawan Karate master Eizo Shimabukuro. For many years, Richard Weinberg kept himself away from the limelight of magazines and interviews. His approach to training and teaching is
based on quality more than quantity; “Real success in Martial Arts is based on the ability to perform a few things very, very well, rather than knowing a large range of items only a little,”

Paul Godshaw
Japan Karate-Do Federation
Paul Godshaw is the Chief Instructor of the Mission Viejo Branch of the Japan Karate- Do Federation and has one of the most impressive backgrounds of Martial Arts experience in the United States. He started training in 1965 with Dan Ivan and Fumio Demura, and it was under their tutelage that he earned a Yon-Dan (4th Dan) Black Belt. By strict examination of the Masters of the “International Martial Arts Federation”, Paul Godshaw also has been awarded a Hachidan (8th Dan Black Belt in Karate-Do).