High Precision Half Guard & Reverse Half Guard 4 DVD Set by Jake Mackenzie

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His System Is Amazingly Simple To Learn & Anyone Can Use It – Young Or Old, Strong Or Weak.

Learn The Top Secret Half Guard System From The Canadian Who Infiltrated Brazil’s Toughest School. Jake MacKenzie UsedThese Secrets To Transform Himself From A Skinny Canadian Kid Into One Of The Most Decorated Champions In Brazil – Winning All His Matches From Half Guard.  

Do you need to be young? Nope 
Do you need a lot of strength? No 
Do you need to be crazy flexible? Absolutely not. 

Jake MacKenzie’s reverse half guard is a better mouse trap. Your opponents don’t know how to execute it, let alone defend it. 

So What Is On This DVD?

-deep half entry
-deep half rewind to knee twist
-deep half rewind with electric chair 
-deep half rewind to refs position
-deep half to double leg
-houdini back take
-sleeve grip sweep
-sleeve control to elbow manipulation
-rollup sweep
-shape shifter
-reversal when opponent attempts kimura

-basic back take from deep half
-waiter sweep to over under
-waiter sweep to leg drag
-back take from waiter sweep
-hook variations for back take from waiter sweep
-crotch lock back take with head control
-crotch lock to seat belt back take

-reverse half guard basics and concepts
-elevator sweep
-elevator sweep with neck tie to back
-reverse electric chair
-reverse electric chair to back take
-lins back take

-pitel sweep
-rocket sweep
-far hook sweep
-far hook sweep to back take
-double wrist lock to sweep variations
-leg triangle and knee bar counters