High Percentage Submissions 4 DVD Set by Bernardo Faria

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“How Would You Like To Learn The Secret To Tapping Your Opponents – From The World’s Top Submission Hunter (And Oh By The Way, He’s Also The Best Black Belt In The World)?”

5X Black Belt World Champion Bernardo Faria Teaches The Sequences He Used To Tap Nearly All of His Opponents En Route To Winning Pan And World Championship Double Gold.

“To Tap Your Opponents You Need Don’t Need ‘Moves’ You Need High Percentage ‘Sequences of Moves.’”

 Want to know the difference between the purple belt killer who always wins in the gym (but not in big competitions) and the best black belt in the world?  The champion is looking to use sequences to get the submission, not caring which move gets the job done.  Meanwhile, the frustrated purple belt has radar lock on his first submission.

Weird Truth: The purple belt might be just as proficient at applying individual moves as a world class competitor, but the best guy in the world is thinking 5 moves at a time. When you start to think in sequences rather than moves, your submission percentage will skyrocket…

 The 2015 Competition Season

 In 2015 Bernardo Faria fought in the 2 major tournaments: The Pan in March and then the Worlds in May.  He won both – meaning he won every fight in his weight and the Open Class.  That is pretty hard to do.   On the way, he tapped 10 out of 14 opponents including the great Leandro Lo (twice).   These aren’t some bros at NAGA, these are the toughest guys in the world…

So you may be wondering how the in the world Bernardo got to the point where he could tap almost everyone…

Does he work on nothing but submissions?

Does he squeeze medicine balls all day so his rear naked choke is harder than anyone else’s?

Does he study the anatomy of the arm so he knows just where and how to break them?

No, no, no… Bernardo uses what he calls high percentage sequences. Meaning he strings together attacks. He tries one and if his opponent escapes (which is very possible) he has a follow up submission, and a follow up to that, and a follow up to that. Meaning he can try 5 submissions and miss 4 – and still win.

The other principle that Bernardo stresses is safety in his attacks. Meaning he won’t try attacks that would risk giving up a superior position to take a chance on a submission. You won’t see him diving out of side control to try a baseball choke or a toe hold. He takes a very safe and methodical approach to BJJ. If you want fundamentally sound submissions that work for beginners all the way through the highest levels of completion – this 4-Vol set, “High Percentage Submissions,” will help your game tremendously.

So what does Bernardo Actually show on “High Percentage Submissions?”


Introduction – Bernardo

Pan Am Scarf Choke

Pan Am Scarf Choke With Both Hands

Pan Am Scarf Choke Variation

Triangle From Side Control

Arm Bar Throwing The Leg

North South Arm Bar




Wrist Lock From Side Control

Arm Bar When Opponent Try Side Control Escape

Cross Choke

Knee On Belly

Baseball Choke From Knee On Belly

Straight Arm Bar From High Mount

Inverted Arm Bar From High Mount

Basic Arm Bar From Mount


Katagatame Fom Mount

Super Man Arm Bar


Triangle From Mount

Basic Choke From Back

Bow And Arrow From Back

Arm Lock From Back

Bow And Arrow When Opponent Try To Escape

Arm Bar From Back When Opponent Try To Escape

Straight Arm Bar With Kimura Grip

Spread The Chicken

Ezequiel When Opponent Try To Escape


Clock Choke

Double Leg Defense With Loop Choke


Wrist Lock From Closed Guard

Arm Bar/Triangle From Brabo Choke

Triangle From Spider Guard

Triangle From Spider Guard When Opponent Does Combat Base

Gable Grip Knee Bar From Bottom

Straight Knee Bar When Opponent Switch Base

Toe Hold From Bottom

Kimura From Top Half Guard

Straight Knee Bar From Top With Foot Trap

Knee Bar From Over/Under Pass

This is the full submission game of the #1 submission hunter on the planet at the highest level.

 Bernardo teaches you safe moves that will not cost you position (save for the flying triangle from Side control..) and he also teaches you to attack in sequences so the submission becomes inevitable.

 As you can see this DVD is LOADED with tips and tricks you’ll be able to use right away.