Half Guard Destruction 2 DVD Set by Gabriel Procopio

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Gabriel Procopio Had Two Options: Learn To Pass Half Guard Or Get Left Behind.


This is what lead to the development of his half guard system, his main training partner for a decade was half guard master, Bernardo Faria.
It’s no secret in the jiu-jitsu world that Bernardo Faria is one of the best half guard players ever. For years, he was unstoppable in competition, moving between knee shield, half guard, and deep half effortlessly, able to take the best fighters and sweep and submit them.


For those black belts, they only had to worry about Bernardo a few times a year. Gabriel Procopio had to deal with that half guard every day as they trained in their home town of Juiz de Fora, Brazil! As one of his main training partners, not only was Gabriel training with one of the best, and molding himself into one of the best black belts in his division, but he was getting a half guard experience that no one could match.


Gabriel comes from a strong lineage of successful fighters, as a Brazilian Top Team black belt under Master Ricardo Marques. Since becoming a black belt, he’s turned heads and opened eyes with a solid pressure game and relentless attacks, and has racked up many IBJJF tournament victories and gold medals along the way. Iron truly sharpens iron, and Gabriel has made it a nasty habit to punish his opponents from half guard.


It used to be that half guard was thought of as an inferior position, where the bottom man’s only hope was to hold and defend and try to get back to full guard, or up to the feet. Now, as BJJ has evolved, half guard has become a dangerous position where the bottom man can attack and dictate the fight, so much so that a lot of fighters center their whole game around getting there! Now, more than ever before, you have to know how to technically and methodically take apart an effective half guard, and Gabriel is here to do just that.