Dynamic Leg Drags & Drills DVD with Gianni Grippo.

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Gianni Grippo is back to reveal his approach to the modern guard passing game - THE LEG DRAG! In this 90 minute instructional, Gianni expertly explains concepts, techniques and drills that helped him perfect his leg drag style of guard passing.

Each pass he shows shuts down your opponent's hip movement rendering them helpless to your pass attempt. If you are a fan of the leg drag or want to expand your passing arsenal, this is the perfect instructional series for you!


  • Leg Drag Basics
  • Throw By To Back-Take
  • Throw By To Back-Take #2
  • Duck Under
  • Knee Shield - Hop Over Pass
  • Knee Shield - Knee Slide
  • RDLR - Leg Smash
  • RDLR - Back Step Pass
  • RDLR - Leg Circle Pass
  • RDLR - Leg Circle Hop Over Pass
  • Inverted RDLR Pass
  • Leg Lasso - Long Step Pass
  • Leg Lasso - Hop Over Leg Drag
  • Leg Lasso - Reverse Leg Drag
  • Leg Lasso - Opposite Side Leg Drag
  • Leg Drag Drill
  • Duck Under Drill
  • Knee Circle Drill
  • RDLR Pass Side To Side Drill
  • Leg Lasso Drill