Shinkendo Japanese Swordsmanship (2nd Edition) Book by Toshishiro Obata

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This introductory work on the art of Shinkendo covers each area of instruction: sword-drawing, sword-swinging, solo forms, partnered sparring, and test-cutting through targets with a real sword. In this book, the founder of Shinkendo introduces each aspect of training and practice, including its curriculum, technique, and philosophy. Step-by-step photographs and descriptions illustrate various forms from each area of training. In addition, traditional etiquette, history, and safety precautions are discussed.
In this new edition, over 70 pages have been added, including new chapters, technical photographs, and an index.


256 pages

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Troy K
My New Sword Bible

Everything about this volume is excellent, from the quality of the printing to the thoroughness of the contents. Even if you're not a student of Shinkendo, the coverage gives an excellent overview of Japanese sword training and the various essential elements involved. This volume along with Modern Bushido (covering philosophy in more detail) and Shinkendo Tameshigiri (covering test cutting in more detail) provide a complete written syllabus to go along with in-person Japanese sword training or a primer for those interested.

Amazing teachings

Really good service, very happy to recieve the product, realiable and true

Erasmo Gutierrez
Shinkendo Japanese Swordsmanship Book by Toshishiro Obata

It’s so wonderful book