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Over the centuries, Russian warriors have become famous for their superhuman ability to both deliver and take strikes. You can now see why! For the first time ever, the closely guarded bare-knuckle, full-contact training secrets of these awesome fighters are revealed on film by the Founders and Chief Instructors of Russian Martial Art - Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. Perfected only at a few Russian Special Operation Units, you've never imagined strikes like these before!
  • Hitting someone with your chest so effectively to knock him over.
  • Transferring the impact of a blow right out of your body onto another person.
  • Small, subtle hits so powerful that even the bystanders feel them.
  • Light punches that reach the internal organs bypassing the muscles.
  • Phenomenal use of breathing and psychology to dispel direct blows.
  • Unbelievable strikes that remove stress, tension, fear, that make people stronger and actually heal them!
Observe a tremendous variety of strikes, the apparent and the subtle, straight and whip-like, surface and internal, delivered with deadly accuracy and efficiency. Witness the exceptional scenes of people waiting in line to take punches and grateful for the experience! Watch the most unique use of human physical and psychological potential.

Warning: The contact in Strikes is real. Filmed at the actual training sessions in real time and speed. Not to be attempted without the supervision of a certified Russian Martial Art instructor.

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A good DVD to combine with the book