Position to Submission 4 DVD Set with Matheus Diniz

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Pretty much all BJJ instructors teach sweeps, passes and submissions, but the problem is that they are taught in isolation. Your submission percentage will shoot up when you learn to link your sweeps to your passes to your submissions.

In this instructional, Matheus Diniz shares what he learned from what his coach, Marcelo Garcia, taught him - to keep the submission in mind as you start the sweep or pass.

DVD 1:
-flower sweep to spiral arm bar 
-closed guard to single leg to arm bar 
-deep half to throw away trash to crucifix 
-half guard reverse de la Riva sweep to mount to arm bar 
 DVD 2:
 -knee cut sweep to back take to choke 
-de la Riva single leg wipe to knee bar or over/under pass 
-half guard sweep to side to arm bar or bow & arrow 
-butterfly sweep to near side spiral arm bar
 DVD 3:
-closed guard pass to paper cutter choke 
-knee cut pass from half guard to katagatame 
-knee shield pass to north south choke 
-2 variations of spider guard pass to arm bar 
DVD 4:
-de la Riva pass to triangle finish  
-open guard to jumping butterfly pass to paper cutter + open guard to folding pass to crucifix finish 
-guillotine from sitting guard + back take from guillotine defense  
-3 passes from a locked half guard with arm bar finishes

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