Passing, Back Takes & Finishes 5 DVD Set with JT Torres (Preowned)

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Discover the secrets that have allowed JT Torres to pass, take the back, and submit more high level opponents than any other known competitor on earth in high level competition.

Since 2005 JT Torres has submitted over 500 people with chokes from the back.
Why the hell does he finish so many people from the back?

The answer is pretty simple, JT has a formula/recipe/formula, whatever you want to call it. Just as McDonald’s has a system for making hamburgers, JT has a system for taking the back and finishing – it is fool proof.

JT’s passes aren’t the traditional ones that leave you in side control. Why? Because even though those passes score passes, they don’t leave you in a great position to finish. If you want to finish, you are far more likely to finish from the back.

Isn’t this a position you NEED to learn?


Opening The Closed Guard
Passing Fundamentals
X Pass On De La Riva Guard
X Pass On De La Riva When Opponent Grabs Ankle
X Pass On Knee Slide
Knee Cut From De La Riva
Leg Drag From De La Riva
Kick Out From Seated Guard
Kick Our From Seated Guard When Opponent Counters First Attempt

Kick Through Pass From Seated Guard
Steering Wheel Pass on Sit Up Guard
Cartwheel Pass on Seated Guard
Knee Cut On Seated Guard
Stack Pass To Leg Drag
Stack Pass To Back Take
Stack Pass To Pedal To Metal Back Take
JT’s Over Under Pass
Over Under Sitthrough Pass
Spider Guard Kick Pass
Spider Guard Pass To Armlock
Back Step Pass From Half Guard
Straight Jacket Pass
Basic Knee Shield Pass
Kimura Pass On Knee Shield

Controlling the Turtle
Knee Slide Back Take
Back Take From Running Man Escape
Butterfly Guard Back Take
Barrel Roll Back Take
Back Take From Single Leg
Rolling Back Take
Back Take From Standing

Basic Back Choke
Ezekiel Choke
Kimura Grip Armbar From Back
Kimura Grip To Triangle Armbar
Bow & Arrow Choke
Brabo / Ezekiel Choke From Back
Lapel Choke From Crucifix
Reverse Kimura
Kimura From Crucifix
Flying Bow and Arrow From Turtle
Clock Choke
Spinning Clock Choke

De la Riva Arm Lock to Omoplata Finish
Omoplata to Monoplata
Loop Choke to Cross Choke Finish
Knee Cut Arm Bar to Staple Triangle
Staple to Monoplata
Flying Arm Locks from S Mount

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