Karate Breathing Technique DVD with Hirokazu Kanazawa

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In Showa 11 (1922), Gichin Funakoshi brought the Ryukyu Karate to the mainland - this is where the history of the Shotokan and modern Karate started. About 100 years from there Hirokazu Kanazawa, the Shotokan's successor, presents a new interpretation of the Kata

in this video series. In this approach, the process of inhaling and exhaling will become one with the Kata. This video treats the basic Kumite and the Hangetsu breathing technique. 
  • Part 1: Breathing Technique "Wa no sen"
    -Kihon ippon kumite
    -Jiyu-ippon kumite
  • Part 2: Breath Training Kata "Hangetsu"

Language: Japanese 

Run time: 55 min.