Expert of Match Vol 12 Shin Kumite Theory DVD with Shin Tsukii

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  • Shin・Kumite Training
    ◇Micro-Hurdle Set
    ◇Stepmaster Set
    ◇Jump Set
    ◇Chair Set
  • Shin・Flying Kumite
    ・Basic mindset
    ・Two step Jodan Gyakuzuki
    ・Two step Chudan Gyakuzuki
    ・Partner practice
  • Shin・Chudan Tsuki Study
    ・Basic mindset
    ・Exercise from the knees down
    ・Partner practice
    ・One-action Tsuki
    ・Jodan Tsuki set up like a Chidan Tsuki
  • Shin・Close Combat Fighting
    ◇From ducking to circling
    ◇Attack from the ducking position
    ◇Attack from grappling position
    ◇Getting close with two attacks
  • Shin・The Secrets of Keri
    ◇Changing feet
    ◇Kicking with the front foot
    ◇Kicking with the back foot
    ◇Counter Keri
  • Shin・Body Swaying
    ◇Duck and sway
    ◇Ducking counter
    ◇Sway counter
  • Shin・Control with Breathing
    ◇Take a breath and move
    ◇Examine reactions
    ◇Take breath and start
  • Shin・The Magic of Tsuki
    ・Chudan Tsuki that avoids Kizamizuki
    ・Kizamizuki that can’t be dodged by ducking
    ・Jodan Tsuki without rotating the waist
    ・Not diving down into the Chudan when doing Jodan Tsuki


    Length: 48 min

    Japanese with English subtitles