Dirty Street Fighting 5 DVD Set with Adam Hutchins

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Adam "Pitt Bull" Hutchins is a self defense instructor who knows what he is talking about when it comes to what will and what won't work in a street fight. As a Champion No-Holds-Barred Cage Fighter and Gracie Open No-Gi Grappling Champion Instructor Hutchins talks from experience when it comes to striking and ground fighting combat. Fed up with many of the unrealistic self-defense programs out there Hutchins decided to create a self-defense system that deals 100% with the reality of street combat. Hutchins highly acclaimed "Dirty Street Fighting" Self Defense System will instantly give you all the mixed martial arts techniques needed to deal with the most violent street fighting encounters. Refined for the public all techniques featured have been battle tested by Hutchins in the street and bloodiest No-Holds-Barred arenas so you know they work! In great detail and easy to understand presentation Instructor Hutchins teaches you each important striking, blocking and ground fighting technique needed to beat any street fighter and escape unharmed. This outstanding program has been designed for men, women and kids with little or no martial arts experience who want to gain the confidence and peace of mind of knowing how to defend themselves in the shortest amount of time.