Darce the World DVD with Edwin Najmi

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As Seen All Over The World!!! Edwin Najmi has been tearing it up with submission victory after submission victory. Commonly viewed as a “no-gi” technique, this young champion walks you through how he is hitting the darce choke in high-level gi competitions all over the world. His system is so simple and intuitive, you will be able to apply these submissions right away.


  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamentals: Clearing The Arm
  3. Fundamentals: Palm To Palm Choke
  4. Traditional Darce Choke
  5. Darce Choke: Ezekiel Grip
  6. Ezekiel/Darce Choke
  7. Darce Choke: Bicep Grip
  8. Lapel Darce
  9. Darce Choke: Rolling Finish
  10. Darce Vs. Turtle Position
  11. Darce Vs. Turtle Position 2
  12. Darce Vs. Single Leg
  13. Darce Vs. Double Leg
  14. Darce After Sprawl
  15. Guillotine To Darce
  16. No Arm Darce
  17. Near-Side Darce
  18. Bottom Of Side Darce
  19. Defeating the Defense: Peruvian Necktie
  20. Defeating the Defense: Guillotine Fake Out
  21. Defeating the Defense: Inverted Triangle