COMBAT SURVIVAL Commando Krav Maga Vol 1 & 2 DVD Set with Moni Aizik

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The techniques in DVDs 1 & 2 are demonstrated by the founder and Chief instructor Moni Aizik and are sure to take you to the next level in your training, irrespective of your martial art background or experience level.The DVDs are a must for anyone looking to add combat proven techniques to their training arsenal.

  • Defense and Attacks Against Choke
  • Defense and Attacks Against Punches
  • Street Safe Break Falls
  • Israeli Ground Survival
  • Fundamentals of Knife Attack Defense
  • Defense and Attacks Against Headlocks
  • Pressure Points
  • Fundamentals of Gun Disarming
  • Intermediate Strangle Escapes
  • Striking Scenarios
  • Intermediate Blade Attack Defense
  • Counter Kicking Control Techniques
  • Intermediate Gun Disarming Techniques
  • Surviving Surprise Attacks on the Street