Bujinkan DVD Series 9: Hidden Weapons Shuriken Techniques with Masaaki Hatsumi

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Hidden weapons and shurikens are more than just weapons to defeat the enemy. At one point it is in the hands and pokes the enemy's blind spot. Or fly in the air and become a blinding eye to complement the attack. Shuriken, a hidden weapon used in true combat, not in the world of fiction, is a hidden, terrifying weapon.


How to use the Shuko
How to use the Kyoketsu Shoge
How to use the Shuriken
Kakushi,Kanide and Kusarifundo
Kakushi Buki(Hidden Weapons)
Senban Shuriken
Real Techniques by using Hidden Weapons

About the instructor:

He studied under Toshitsugu Takamatsu, the last ninja who was called the "Tiger of Mongolia," and inherited the sect of the nine Kobudo schools. Togakure-ryu Ninja, Takagi Yoshin-ryu Jutaijutsu, Tiger Fudo-ryu Koppoujutsu, Tamatora-ryu Koppoujutsu, Ungakure-ryu Ninja, Tamashin-ryu Ninja, Yoshikan-ryu Koppōjutsu, Shinden Fudo-ryu Koppoujutsu, Kuki Shinden Ryuhachiho secret sword. The Bujinkan Dojo was established by integrating the essences of the nine schools and has students all over the world.

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Length: 51 min.